woensdag 2 september 2009

Contemporary Dutch Literary Culture 2009

Since september 2009, our team is participating in The Dutch in the World, an English-language interdisciplinary minor. The departments of History, of Arts & Culture and of Modern Languages & Cultures of Amsterdam Free University have worked together to develop this unique new international minor. It focuses specifically on Dutch history and culture from an international perspective. The Dutch in the World intends to appeal to both international (exchange) and Dutch students.

Within this program, we are offering the course Contemporary Dutch Literary Culture (5 ECTS, period 1, co-ordinator: Ena Jansen). Contemporary literary culture is multifaceted and makes use of multimedia, both in the Netherlands and abroad: literature can be found in book clubs, in teaching material, on blogs, and in rap, in spoken word, and in music performances; films can be based on, or inspired by novels, while computer games can refer to canonical storylines. Consequently, several wide-ranging academic approaches are necessary to understand the complex dynamics of contemporary literary culture. Some of these will be introduced by discussing a number of literary texts, which can be read in the original language or their English translation, as well as by studying relevant literary and cultural theory and history. Topics that will be addressed are: literature and intermediality, literature and orality, literature and digitalization, and literature and cultural memory.

More information on this website. Contact person for exchange students: Ilin Sen.

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